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Journeying towards eco-friendly plumbing 


More and more households are aiming to minimize their water consumption, not just to lower their utility bills but also to help preserve the environment. The prevalence of eco-friendly plumbing systems helps homeowners to achieve this goal. 


For property owners who are embarking on their journey towards eco-friendly plumbing, it helps to get a bit of inspiration from modern, and environment-friendly residential properties. Since not everyone could build their dream homes, journeying towards an eco-friendly house requires some changes and upgrades in a person’s current home. 


Benefits of green plumbing


There are countless benefits of investing in a greener plumbing system. Foremost among the benefits is the cost savings when it comes to water consumption. Industry experts say that whatever extra expense investing in an eco-friendly plumbing contraption may bring, this expense will eventually be plowed back towards the household budget through savings in water bills.








Environmental preservation is yet another reason to choose eco-friendlier plumbing systems. Since water is a finite resource, it only makes a lot of sense to conserve it. 


Baby steps for every homeowner


Since not every homeowner could afford a drastic change in plumbing equipment, baby steps are encouraged for those who could only afford a slow upgrade. For instance, those that have plumbing fixtures that are in its end of life stage, or due for replacement should start considering eco-friendlier models of the plumbing equipment they are about to replace. 


For instance, there are several types of toilets that do not use as much water as the conventional, and earlier models. These include dual flush toilets, low-flow toilets, water sense toilets, and toilets with a lid that has a sink and a faucet. The first three uses less amount of water to flush solid or liquid human waste, while the last one recycles the water used to wash hands to flush the toilet. 


Faucets and showerheads also come with eco-friendly versions. Low flow faucets and showerheads are all in vogue right now, and most homeowners are happy with these plumbing fixtures. Homeowners could also install aerators to lower water consumption when using the shower of the faucet, without sacrificing the homeowner’s desired water pressure.  


Eco-friendly machines


Home equipment that uses water like washing machines and dishwashers also come with high-efficiency models. If any of these current machines are already due for replacement, then it is best to choose a high-efficiency model. It does not only use less water to operate, it also uses less power, increasing cost savings for the homeowner. 

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Three reasons why DIY Plumbing is dangerous


Anyone who has seen a flooded home due to a Do-It-Yourself plumbing catastrophe will never consider carrying out his plumbing installation or repairs. After all, indoor flooding does not only cause a lot of stress and inconvenience, it also gives way to water damage that could in turn slowly destroy the home structure. 


There are several reasons why self-troubleshooting plumbing issues, and self-installing plumbing equipment is a no-no. There is also no reason at all to do DIY plumbing work. Plumbing is after all a profession that requires proper education, training, certification, and licensing. It is only reserved for those who demonstrate the professional capability to handle water supply and water waste to and from the home. 


Why some people embark on DIY plumbing


 Unfortunately, not every homeowner realizes that plumbing work should only be left to experts. Some individuals who describe themselves as “handy,” are likely to explore the idea of repairing leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues. And since these people have access to plumbing tools and equipment from home improvement stores and online merchants, they feel more confident in executing their repairs. 


The vast resources that the internet offers when it comes to guiding homeowners in doing their plumbing repairs also tend to fuel the urge of some homeowners to do DIY repairs and plumbing installations. Budgetary and time constraints are also some of the reasons why some homeowners embark on DIY plumbing.


If they believe that the plumbing issue is relatively minor and easy to carry out, they forego professional work to avoid paying for service fees. individuals who describe themselves as busy meanwhile reason out that they can only have their plumbing issues repair in their own time, usually after work or weekends. And since weekend or after work hours plumbing is more expensive, they feel that they are better off carrying out their plumbing repairs. 








Dangers of DIY plumbing


While some homeowners think that DIY plumbing is no big deal, it is perilous work. Below are some of the three main dangers of Do-It-Yourself plumbing:


  1. Possible injuries. Doing a DIY exposes the homeowner to injuries like cuts, pest bites, as well as unsanitary conditions. Homeowners do not have the proper equipment and safety gear to carry out repairs and so they are more vulnerable to sustaining injuries. Also, incorrect work could harm household members in the future.  

  2. Worsening the existing issue. A DIY plumber can aggravate the existing damage as he has no proper knowledge and training to resolve the issue. It only takes one wrong move to flood the whole house. 

  3. Safety issues and a red flag for buyers. a DIY plumber is not aware of the safety code and guidelines for plumbing, therefore his work is not considered up to code.   

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Budget-friendly plumbing upgrades for the bathroom


















Upgrading the bathroom is one good way to give any home a breath of fresh air. It also increases comfort and convenience in any residential property. Fortunately, bathroom makeovers need not be expensive. Some simple upgrades could easily turn a plain bathroom, into a homeowner’s dream toilet and bath.


Like all makeovers, homeowners should partner with a licensed residential plumber when carrying out plumbing requirements. Working with a professional ensures that all installation and repairs are up to code, and correctly and safely installed. 


And like all remodeling or makeovers, homeowners should first decide on an overall theme before fully embarking on the bathroom improvement project.


Low-cost bathroom makeovers


Interior design experts usually recommend a fresh coat of paint into the bathroom, to freshen up the overall look. For those that still want to retain the color of their bathrooms, they may choose to just have a fresh coating, while those who want a change could go for cool colors that widen a small space. 


New cabinet knobs also create a more detailed bathroom appearance. For instance change the drawer and cabinet handle to match the new paint, or create a more modern or funky look. The design of course should match the overall theme of the makeover.  


Getting new tiles is not just expensive but is also time-consuming. It requires professional labor, removal of existing tiles, and laying of new tiles. So unless the sight of the existing tiles ruins the homeowner’s day then he is better off retaining the current bathroom tiles. 


Changing the showerhead


Showerheads are not as expensive as other plumbing contraptions. For instance, a hand-held and adjustable showerhead makes it easier for a person to soap up and concentrate on some of his body parts. Rain showers and waterfall showerheads meanwhile are more luxurious options for any bathroom. While these are more expensive than other shower options, this will surely make any bathroom more relaxing to shower in. Besides, it is not as expensive as installing a bathtub. 


A wise choice though is to invest in a low-flow, eco-friendly showerhead that does not only looks new but also feels better for the pocket. 


New faucets 


New faucets also lend a newer look to any bathroom. Faucets are not that expensive, and if the existing one is already leaking, damaged, or at its end of life then it is better off replaced with a newer one that matches the overall theme of the makeover. 

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